Monday, March 23, 2015

Colour Pop Lippie Stix & Lippie Pencils Swatched

So I have a bunch of lippies to show you. Today I will show you the lippie stix in Cookie, Button, Bound and Lumiere and the pencils in Button, Bound and Lumiere.

From top to bottom (then swatched left to right) Button, Bound and Lumiere.

Cookie on the lip:

Button. For all the swatches and all the pictures, its first swatched with just the lippie stix, then the lippie pencil, then both together. Lumiere is really the only one that is the same shade in pencil and stix!

For this one, I can honestly say I would likely only wear them together. Neither one on its own does it for me.

At this point I had swatched about 18 different lip products (before even getting to any of the ColourPop ones). I realize they are getting less and less pretty as I go on. But I do like Bound on its own (pencil and or lippie stix) and together.

And these ones are basically the same shade. I really like these!


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