Thursday, March 26, 2015

About DAMN TIME!!!

I brushed out my curls so you could more easily see just how bad my roots have gotten. I find it a blessing and a curse that its so hard to see when my hair is curly. Blessing because, its hard to see. But curse because I let it go sooooooooooo long without dealing with it.

Now the shade is really not that big a difference in reality but its certainly enough that the skunk stripe was starting to REALLY bug me. And prevent me from straightening my hair.

Now after a bad experience in my late teens I swore I would never dye my hair at home again. But a couple years ago I was out of town and realized how bad my roots were and decided to brave a drugstore and try this out in my hotel room. This is the light auburn shade. I learned 15 years ago that no matter what shade I tried to dye my hair or what shade I asked a hair stylist to dye it it was going to turn red. I mean WHATEVER shade. Blonde, brown, it was irrelevant. I would go in and say "my hair always turns red, I DON'T want red" and they would PROMISE me it would not turn red. And then it would. So I just chose to go with it. And its been auburn ever since.

And this is the ONLY brand I will use. Garnier Olia. Its apparently an oil based hair colour and that worried me at first. But there is no oil. It is a cream developer and a tune of colouring. No oil, not runny and best of all it has almost no smell. I have helped friends dye their hair in the past and the smell has been so horrid that I almost want to cry. But this is barely noticeable. I put a shower cap on it while its sitting (30 minutes which I know is a fairly long time) and usually watch youtube videos on my ipad while waiting for it to do its work.

And once more, I am without roots! Just in time for my trip! The sad thing is that seems to be the only thing that gets me to dye my hair these days! But I have touched up roots and tickets to NYC and Vegas so this Jinx is a content blogger at the moment.


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