Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lip Monthly January 2015 Reveal

So after much much back and forth, I FINALLY got my January bag. Two days after my February bag (which you will see tomorrow).

The generic plastic smelling makeup bag:

And inside:

Now for a $10 bag, the value is fantastic. Even when you ignore the total bullshit value of Harvey Prince perfume. This is not a deluxe mini .Even if you could calculate such an absurdly high value for 3ml of perfume, this is a SAMPLE VIAL. No way its worth $12. Its worth nothing. Its a free sample you get when you ask a department store.

Aside from that, the value is good. A $38 value for a $10 monthly bag is great. Though it seems that they have changed from 5 items per bag to 4. Since with the exception of this stupid sample perfume, everything is full sized and 4 full sized items for $10 each month is not something to complain about.

Now, please keep in mind that Birchbox has built in to me a gut reaction of hatred and anger when I even SEE a Harvey Prince Sample. I am so fricken sick and tired of getting this crap. The brand is over fragranced, cheap feeling and I have not liked a single sample I have gotten so far. And lucky me, I get another in the upcoming Birchbox. BAH! But anyways, having said that, read the story on the card and tell me it didn't make you throw up a bit in your mouth? Id not want to try the product simply by that stupid story on its own.

That being said, the rest of the bag was quite nice! haha. I just HATE Harvey Prince. Other than that, I got MICA Lip Color Pot, Ofra liquid lipstick and Ecolips Tinted LIp Balm. The full sized lip gloss is fine, and the two full sized lip products will be coming up in reviews once I try them out.

Overall, it is not at all the best box I got, but its ok. And for $10 (I think there is a $5 shipping charge to Canada though mine get sent to my American address) its quite a decent value even for a bag that is underwhelming.

Again, the customer service and communication are TERRIBLE but the bags have always been well worth it for me. That being said, I will not be getting any more bags. February was my last one as I simply can not deal with the customer service as it is.


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