Monday, March 16, 2015

Lip Monthly February 2015 Reveal

My February bag came! The value for this $10 bag is fantastic! More than $60 worth of full sized products!

The one non lipstick item this month is a Cargo eyeshadow! I have to say I LOVE when I see Canadian companies represented!

And while I looked at this thought that an uglier shade of shadow did not exist, it actually swatches as a lovely gold shade instead of the puke green it looks in the tin. A lovey surprise!

Now if I want to be picky, Jelly Pong Pong and So Susan are the same company and I would have preferred a little more variety. But with that said, two full sized products from a brand I have SO FAR been very happy with? No complaints there! I have the So Susan blush which I LOVE (you can see the review here) and the Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes mascara I really like and the review of that will be up today!

Now the supermodel lip and cheek stain is TINY. Really tiny. Can barely get a finger in to each of the shade options. But it was something I was actually looking at and contemplating ordering from the So Susan site so I am happy to have it to try!

And last but......... yeah, least. The Be A Bombshell lip gloss. A review of this will be coming up, but I can't say this product makes me want to run out and buy anything else from the brand!

Overall, how could anyone be bummed to get this for $10? Certainly not me. And since it was sent to me by the company and I did not pay for it, I am even more thrilled with it! This was the last bag I see myself getting (at least for quite a while) and I have to say the last 7 months have gotten better and better (in products and value, not in customer service or communication).

Now, I really do think this box has a great value. And I really think they are getting better and better. That being said, the communication and customer service I have gotten have been so bad I am not continuing on.

But for those of you who want a great box at a great value, you can sign up here. This is NOT my referral link, but one for a girl who reads my blog. It gets me no benefit whatsoever, but I am sure she would be thrilled if you used it!

Value wise, this box is well worth the $10 monthly fee! Ships to Canada as well as the USA (though there is a $5 shipping fee for Canadians)


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