Sunday, March 29, 2015

Colors By Llarowe - Part 1

I am going to refrain from discussing the formula of each of these individually. It is smooth and easy to work with uniformly around the board. They are opaque in two coats for sure, but to be honest, you can almost get away with one coat. The red one tends to stain a bit (even with a base coat underneath) but really, who cares? You want a fiercely pigmented shade as deep and opaque as this, guess what? Staining can happen. And since I never ever ever go with bare nails or sheer polish, its a completely irrelevant issue for me.

Blonde Ambition. This one is beyond words. Its a gorgeous pink leaning (but not at all pink) insanely holographic bottle of amazingness. Its really beyond words. Its almost a pale rose gold but not QUITE pink enough to actually be one.

My Broken Down Crop Duster is a blackish, greyish, navyish dark brown holo that is amazing.

The Mighty Red Baron is a beyond words. Its a deep red that is cool toned and just shining from within. Its got a linear holo effect, but not the normal rainbow holo you are used to. It almost looks like glowing glass flecks. It dries to an almost matte but not quite matte finish that I topped with a top coat. While I normally LOVE LOVE LOVE anything matte or almost matte, this one has an inner glow that just needs to be let out with a shiny top coat. Its just......... yup, gotta say it. MAGIC. Just go get it now and thank me later.


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