Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Philip B Light Weight Deep Conditioning Creme Rinse Paraben Free Formula Review

I got this in May of last year. Almost 9 months ago. It came in my Bergdorf Goodman Glossybox and for some reason I just never got around to trying it. I am making a concerted effort to use up and try all my products. I moved two months ago and in the process have managed to give away now SIX large shopping bags full of products and this is part of the cleaning and purging. USING!

I like that the product comes sealed. Its a little thing so many companies overlook and for me it makes a really big difference. Now this product comes in two formulas. Classic and Paraben Free. I really have no opinions one way or the other on paraben free, or even sulphate (or sulfate for you Americans) free products. I do automatically use a fraction of the sulphates simply by virtue of my not using shampoo.

As you can see, this product is THICK. Like look at it hang out of the tube thick. It also SMELLS!! It has a very strong fragrance that is kind of a floral scent. But a very strong and stinky one (from the girl who hates floral scents keep in mind).

Now, for the claims it makes:
Packed with plant and flower extracts, this light-weight conditioner tames frizz, seals split ends, and leaves hair silky and tangle-free  
A rich, fortifying blend of African Shea Butter, Wheat Germ and Soy Proteins locks in moisture  
Vitamin-rich essential oils (California Lemon, Orange, Lavender and Gardenia) give softness, shine and a sumptuous, fresh garden scent  
color & keratin-treatment safe

Now it certainly tamed the frizz. We are not talking about a magic potion that got RID of the frizz. But it made a big difference. My hair didn't feel any more moisturized than normal if I was being real, but it also was not at all drying. The big issue was that the scent is both strong and it LINGERS! So much so that smelling my hair an hour later I could still smell it. And for someone like me who hates floral scents that is an absolute deal breaker.

I do LOVE the feel of this shampoo, the texture of it, the way it works, the results. EVERYTHING you want in a conditioner EXCEPT the scent. And the scent is a deal breaker So sadly, I have passed on the rest of this tube to my mother.

Above is as it was drying, and below is when its basically dry. No hair products in the hair and it really has almost NO frizz! That is fricken amazing in itself! LOVE the way it works!!

This can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman, the Phillip B website, Nordstrom, the Skinstore and other retailers, both online and in store. It comes in a 2oz, 6oz or 32oz size tubes and the prices are $10, $26 and $90 respectively. This is the $10/2oz size

Overall if floral scents dont bother you, I highly recommend trying this .


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