Monday, March 2, 2015

Birchbox Brick And Mortar Store!

"We’ve brought the entire Birchbox experience to life—you can shop awesome beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products, build your own Birchbox, get hair, makeup, and nail services, and much more. And of course you can spend and earn Birchbox Points!"

OK, How did I not know that this store existed? Seriously! The upstairs is a shop (you can use your birchbox points also!) and everything is sorted by type not brand. So all the lipsticks are together, all the nail polishes, etc. I am not sure if that sounds like a brilliant way to organize a store or not, but it sounds good in theory. Though so unlike other beauty stores.

You can also try out products, take classes in certain looks (if a birchbox subscriber) and you can make your own Birchbox! For $15 you can choose 5 products from 5 different categories though unfortunately one seems to be perfume. But I am totally intrigued and can not wait to head to the store. Its in the SOHO neighborhood of NYC so maybe I will plan a day around having another custom bite beauty lipstick made before heading over here to build my own box!!!


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