Saturday, March 28, 2015

NailKale From Nails Inc

I have to admit. This is a new one, even for me. And not so sure I am on board with this. It screams gimmick to me.
Check out this season’s most desirable catwalk inspired shades formulated with kale extract to treat your nails. 
NailKale is the first superfood nail range made with kale extract for stronger, smoother healthier nails. 
Which colour will you choose? 
REALLY? Your nails are dead. I am not sure how kale, superfood or not, is going to do anything for your nails. It would be a different think (though my eyes would still roll a bit) if it was an oil or elixer you were rubbing in to your cuticles, bur REALLY?  I may end up getting some. But not because they are a super food for your nails or because of the kale, but because there are some pretty shades. But really people?


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