Friday, March 27, 2015

Birchbox March Unboxing!

My March birchbox came! And I don't hate it as much as I thought I would. I feel like right now that is the best I can say about it. I was so unhappy with the last few and the same darn samples every single month that they gave me this box for free as an apology. But I was supposed to get another Harvey Prince sample in this box and that was enough for me to quit. This is box number four and as an apology for getting Harvey Prince in every box (and more than once in some boxes) they gave me a free box with their improved selections only to give me another Harvey Prince? I was livid.

Then my box came! And it did NOT have the Harvey Prince sample it was supposed to have. So I was instantly happier!

Beauty Blender duo. I may be the only beauty blogger on the planet who has not yet tried this, but I haven't. And at $32 for this little set, there was little chance I would. So thrilled to get it!

A shampoo. Yay. I don't use shampoo. This has a value of $4.59 for normal people though its worthless to me.

Mirenesse lip shade - It says I was supposed to get a lovely shade called Paris and instead I got a bright red. Its value is $7.04.

I was thrilled to get to try this. But I sadly cant. It has a crack down the side of the container, and though it does not seem to have leaked at all and I can feel the product inside when I shake it, it will not pump anything out. So if it worked, it would have a value of  $10.80 but it literally is worthless.

And then instead of Harvey Prince, I was happy to get this Catherine Malandrino one. It has no size information on it, but I am assuming 1.2ml since that is what most of the ones from other brands I have are sized. So the value is about $3.12.

So how do I feel about this box? Well, I am happy I did not get the Harvey Prince sample. Had I gotten the lip shade the box said I should get as well as a moisturizer that wasn't broken and 100% unusable, I would have been very happy. As it stands, I am NOT at all happy. But I will wait to see how Birchbox handles the damaged item before cancelling.

The value of this box should be $57.55 in value but since the moisturizer is worthless the value is $46.75.

Overall if they replace the moisturizer they will keep me for another month and I will be happy.


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