Thursday, March 12, 2015

Yes. I Am Now Using Luxury Cotton Pads...

I often am found discussing or praising luxury products. Ok, lets be honest. I am usually using luxury products. My skincare for the most part is middle of the road with Clinique making up the majority of it, but most of my makeup tends to fall in the luxury bracket. But cotton pads? Give me a fricken break. Or so was my opinion until very recently.

This is a box of 60 cotton pads that I got as part of a gift with purchase when I replaced my go to green foundation stick. I must have had this at least a year. Never even thought to use them. But I broke them out the other day. Sigh........ I should never have tried these.

Let me start with these are THICK. They absorb a lot. They also somehow take off twice or three times as much makeup as a traditional cotton pad. I have no idea how. Bu they do. When I am wearing a full face of makeup I usually need at least 3 cotton pads. Usually 4. One of these is enough to take my makeup off. How does that make sense? Not sure. They also are more like fabric than they are traditional cotton pads. They are kind of weaved together? Not sure how to explain quite what I mean here, other than to say they dont have the stray bits or strings or just whatever that are left behind with traditional cotton pads. If you use one to take off your lipstick you have no worry of a bit being left behind getting in your mouth.

They have a round imprint in the centre which seems silly but actually works to hold in the liquid you are putting on the pad. It seems useless but surprisingly is helpful.

Now these are expensive. They are $11 for 165. I usually buy a tube of 100 for $3 of regular cotton pads. I used to buy the package from the dollar store but they were just not cutting it. This is about 3 times the price. And they are what I will use from now on. That being said, I use 1/3 as many as a traditional tube meaning instead of 100 for $3 I get about 33 uses out of a tube. So in reality, I get about 500 no name cheap ones in this package of 165. So I could try to argue and justify this saves me money.

But lets be honest. Regardless of anything, $11 for 165 cotton pads is FRICKEN CRAZY! And I am hooked, sold...... thats it. These are worth every penny and I am now officially THAT girl. The one who uses luxury COTTON PADS. Excuse me while I go try to accept that fact.


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