Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Concealer Palettes I Use For Contouring (As Budget As It Gets)

Now in general when I say or call something budget here on my blog, it usually means It Cosmetics, Julep or other brands that are to most people not budget but for me, a LOT cheaper than the Dior, Chanel, NARS and LMDB I normally gravitate towards. Well today by budget I mean under $10. Or even under $5 budget!

I picked both of these up in Aug of 2013, so about a year and a half ago but yet never did a review of them here. The second palette is still sold on Coastal Scents under their logo named the eclipse palette and no longer sells the first of the two. BH Cosmetics no longer sells either version of this. That being said, these are the basic cheap palettes they sell, just without the logos on them. And for the price, they are quite good!

Let me start with I do not think these are the most ideal for doing heavy or even medium CONCEALING. They are very creamy and light, but they really blend out almost too well to conceal much and if you try to build it up, it tends to get a bit cake-ey. BUT.... for contouring, I FREAKING LOVE THESE! Due to an error in shipping I accidentally got two of the bottom palette and that is good since I literally have used up an entire pot of the top right shade as well as the second from the right in the bottom row. I ended up throwing out the palette and going on to the second. I also had used up the entire green one though I only use it when I am out of my go to green concealers as its not the best green one. I much prefer the shiseido green foundation stick.

Now on to the swatches! Each set of swatches is one row starting with the top row, then the middle, then the bottom rows.

Now these palettes can be found easily on ebay for under $5 shipped, but if you would prefer to NOT shop on ebay and NOT deal with paypal, you can get them here for $10 shipped from the United States instead of China like the ones on ebay (tracking can be found when you log in to your account after purchasing). 

EDIT - it seems the first one has become hard to find on Tmart at all, and not so easy to find on ebay either! Maybe thats why Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics sell no version of it anymore!


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