Monday, February 16, 2015

Nail Coffret for Christian Louboutin Beaute Collection Spring 2015

Inspired by Christian Louboutin’s Python Vulcano collection of shoes and handbags, 3 mini nail colors are enclosed in a decorative box featuring the Python Vulcano print made of blue and yellow tones splashed over a grey to off-white python motif: • Salonu : a white cement similar to the shoe of the same name. • True Blue: a unique periwinkle blue inspired by Madonna’s hit title. • Hot Chick: a vivid yellow evoking the playful seductiveness of the Hot Chick shoe.

At $90USD this set is not outrageously priced (ok, for three mini polishes, its a little absurd but manageable) and if it was anything other than yellow and white with the blue I would be all over this set! Here is hoping the next one next season will (A) exist and (B) be better shades!


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