Thursday, February 12, 2015

Glossybox January Unboxing!

I know this is really late, but it came late and I have been desperately trying to catch up. The Truffle Serum I have not yet tried but my mom loves and has a value of $12.50 (the full sized is $80!). The brush i $23.50 and the liner $18, both of which are full price. The brush alone is the value of the box. I have to say, Vichy may be a niche brand in the USA, but here in Canada its in every drugstore you will find. It is fully and utterly boring and disappointing in my world and the $3 value of the sample I dont even glance twice at. Then there is the toner. I have been using it since I got it and I think it probably does NOTHING at all for my skin. But it feels so nice and soothing when I apply it that I would contemplate repurchasing (or stealing my moms when I am done with mine). A $13 product I am happy to have.

Overall, I am happy with this box. The $70 value is great, and I certainly got my moneys worth out of it!


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