Friday, February 27, 2015

My Sculpted Face From It Cosmetics

Sorry everyone, yes, its another contour palette. I guess its because I am so undecided and confused as to which palette to get. That being said, I quite like how light the light ones look in this stock photo, though I am sure its very different in real life.

What is it: A universal naturally pretty contouring palette that gives you the power to bring out your most beautiful features, and even hide the ones you want to minimize. Whether you want to bring out your cheek bones, slenderize your nose or forehead, look more lifted, hide a double chin or simply learn how to embrace your unique features, this palette complete with detailed instruction guide will be your beauty best friend! 
Who is it for: Anyone who wants to bring out their most beautiful features, look instantly lifted, or look instantly thinner. Perfect for all skin tones, ages, face shapes and skin types. 
Why is it different: Developed with leading plastic surgeons, and using anti-aging ingredients, this sleek, easy-to-follow palette comes with a step-by-step Face Sculpting Chart for reference and four contouring shades designed to match all skin tones as well as two highlighting shades - one with a slight shimmer and one with a matte finish. It also includes a regular mirror, and a mirror that is five times amplified.

This palette I see on the Ulta website but not yet online at the Shopping Channel. If it comes to Canada shortly I may choose this one. Or I may find something else before then! BAH!!

Have you guys bought a contour kit yet? If so, which one did you choose?


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