Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Birchbox Unboxing

So this is my third birchbox and my 3rd and 4th Harvey Prince samples. That means more than 20% of my samples have come from this brand. Which would be obnoxious even if I enjoyed the brand, but seeing as I don't its simply angering. A bottle of shampoo and conditioner are two pieces of the box. Each tube is almost 75% empty and the mere 15ml volume gives each tube a value of $1,10.

The anti wrinkle scrub is not really in keeping with my beauty profile with birchbox nor is it something I am excited to try. That being said, its at least a new brand (the only product from a brand I have not previously gotten in my first two boxes) and it has a value of $3.38.

Now the lip stain from Cynthia Rowley is NOT a stain. Its at best a lacquer but more factually a pigmented gloss. If you go by the values of the box its a $10 value. They call the brand a Birchbox exclusive brand and price this at over $20. But this is a brand often found at TJ Maxx, Winners and other discount stores and when found there its $5.99-$7.99. So I will call this a $5 value and to be truthful, I think I am being over generous with that.

The Cindy-Lou Manizer is a great product to try (though again, not a new brand since I had a product in my first box) but its TINY. Like beyond tiny. It has a value of $1.74. And I actually am happy to try this product. Its the only product I am happy to try in the box.

That being said, its TINY. Did I mention TINY? Compared to a the cap from a soda pop bottle. And that makes it near impossible to comfortably get a highlighting brush in the cardboard packaging.

Overall, I really disliked this box. I know that was hard to tell from my review, but this is box number three and the only new brand I get to try is from an anti aging product. Yay me. The box costs $15 and has a value of $17.32 if you go with the insane value they give for the lipstain, and truthfully its more like a $10-$12 value. For a $15 box. So at BEST you are getting a $2 profit on your box if you LOVE every product.

If by some insane fluke this box makes you want to run out and get a bircbox, you can sign up here. I will try one more box and if it doesnt get better (though I cant see how it wont get at least a LITTLE better) I will cancel. 


  1. At least we have the beauty blender to look forward to this month.

    1. Yes! I am not sure what I will do after this month, but this month will be the first month I get my values worth out of it! So its a good first step towards keeping me! We will find out on Tuesday what we are each getting!



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