Monday, February 9, 2015

Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Treatment Mask Reviewed!

This came in a birchbox and I decided to try it out. Mini rant - the purpose of little samples is to introduce people to your product. Meaning you are targeting people who have never tried this before. This packaging is B*LLSH*T. Sorry. But no ingredients, no instructions. And it wasn't included in the card either. What the heck? The first time I went to use this I had it in the shower, and realized I had no directions. Seriously? Whats up with that?

Lets skip past that and assume you know that its silicone free and able to be used. And that you KNOW it goes in wet hair and is left in for up to 20 minutes. The packaging was lousy. I want a pump, or tube or a bottle. Not having to dig my finger in to scoop out the product only to get lots under my nails. I also wish I didnt need to use both to get coverage in my hair. At least I had two.

Moving on, I put this in my hair and left it in for.......... about 30 minutes. Instructions said 20, but I dont do directions well. This is both tubs, concentrated on my ends, but all over my hair.

When I was rinsing out the product I thought my hair felt exactly the same. I was not at all impressed. But to be fair, when my hair was completely dried (this is air dried with no product whatsoever so I could fully see and feel how it left my hair) I did notice a bit of an improvement. Not much of one, and not enough to make me ever buy it, but a bit of a difference.

And yes, this is what my hair looks like if I were to leave it to dry without doing ANYTHING to it.

Overall, this product was not bad, but it sure wasn't good. It started out with frustrating packaging and never did enough of anything to impress me or make me forget the packaging flaws. I would think or expect that if you left ANY conditioner on your hair for half an hour you would get about the same result, most likely a bit of a better one.


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