Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spring Color Collection For Chantecaille 2015

The new Chantecaille collection is out now! I really love the shadow trio.

The Glacier Eye Shade Trio Shades ($70USD)
  • Iceberg - Like an iceberg, there is more to the icy white shade than meets the eye. Below the surface, the unique formula is loaded with light reflecting gold pearl that casts an eye catching iridescent glow.
  • Polar Light - A delicate taupe in a new, ultra silky matte formula. The flattering neutral was inspired by the summer night sky in the Polar Regions
  • Arctic Dusk - A mesmerizing, warm lilac gray that reflects the color of the Arctic ground as it’s being exposed. 

Hydra Chic ($36USD):
  • Saxifrage - A bright, on-trend magenta with a hint of Chantecaille purple.
  • Arctic Rose - A soft pearlescent blush.

Spring 2015 Galactic Lip Shine Shades ($34USD):
  • Polaris - A glistening clear loaded with unique polychromatic pearl that enhances lips natural color.
  • Aurora - A translucent fuchsia with a hint of violet pearl.


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