Saturday, February 14, 2015

Eye Opening Act Collection For NARS Spring 2015

So once more, here is a collection that has already come out! NO IDEA how I got so far behind. OK, I do know, but sheesh! I was gone for 6 weeks and trying to catch up on all the spring releases as well as you keep you all informed about the new and exciting info as I get it. So here's hoping by the end of this month I will be all caught up! Wouldn't that be nice? Even at four posts a day I cant get caught up! 

For January 2015, NARS Cosmetics introduces a limited-edition collection that delivers captivating range and dimension for eyes. The new Matte Velvet Shadow stick intensifies, while warm and cool eyeshadow palettes excite new depth for endless eye looks. The Illuminating Multiple brings light to shadow for eyes, lips and cheeks. The multi-purpose glow stick heightens the scene at every twist with a new light-reflecting formula of sheer brilliance. 
The new Velvet Shadow Stick draws unscripted drama with potent matte pigments that define, intensify and shade eyelids in five long-wearing shades. This velvety matte formula applies easily and smoothly for crease-proof wear and is housed in a sleek propel/repel component in 5 staple shades.


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