Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Modere Beauty Box Breakdown And Review!

Now let me start by saying this review is VERY late in coming. The company contacted me the last week of October and due to an address mix up it didn't arrive until the 3rd week of November, and then to make matters even worse, I never picked it up until the 2nd week of December. So I have had this box almost two months!

Now this might be the most COMPLICATED beauty box service that I have reviewed so I will do my best to explain it all fully to you! But first, a bit of a hopefully simple explanation. 

You sign up, get charged NOTHING and get sent the following five items:

Now disregard the eye gel on the right for a minute. The other four items you get in full sized, but you also get mini sample sizes. You get to keep the mini sample sizes, and the full sized eye gel (which is a gift for you to keep) and the other four full sized items you have to decide what to do with. You can either keep them all and get charged $79.99 which saves you $50 from paying each item separately, return them all and get charged nothing (but keep the samples and the eye gel) OR keep one or two of the items you like and get charged the retail price of them. I sure hope this is making sense!!

So hopefully that makes sense to everyone!! The box came looking like this:

The first item is the Exfoliant. It costs $12.99 if you choose to keep it, and of course, no cost for using the little sample.

Now in the book that comes with it, along with the prices of everything, it gives you all the instructions and details about each product.

Now to be honest, I didn't LOVE this product. its not a bad product by any means, and this isn't a terrible thing, but the beads are larger and firmer than I would personally like. So FOR ME, this product doesn't really work. That being said, it wasn't really a harsh exfoliant at all. It was gentle, I just found the beads too large for my liking. There really is not much scent to this, so that isn't a worry a problem. I just find the texture for me not to be ideal.

This anti aging serum has a retail price of $39.99.

Now I have to say, one of the best parts of this serum is the pump. Its a great feature on the tube! Now to be fair, I had no interest in trying this and no expectation of enjoying it. I was pleasantly surprised however. I do not use anti wrinkle and ant aging products so I was not thinking I would like this much. My skin is very sensitive, and while its a constant battle to deal with acne, my skin is also VERY dehydrated and near my nose its so dry it flakes. Flaking dry skin with acne. How lucky can I be? But this serum is a wonderful consistency and it smooths across the skin nicely absorbing in almost immediately. Its very thin and watery (milky looking), and I really have not noticed a visible affect. BUT...... I have also not noticed any negative affects. It absorbs quickly, feels lovely on the skin and while it feels a bit sticky initially, that does not translate to feeling sticky on the skin. So while I cant say I see a difference, I can also say I dont notice a negative difference in the moisture or texture of my skin while using this versus my normal serum. Not quite sure. Is that good? Either way, I will happily continue to use this!

The Antioxidant Gel retails for $24.99.  As you can see below, the applicator is different yet again. I have to say, I appreciate that while they stick to tubes, they do not have a standard one size fits all packaging and pay attention to not only the product but on the applicator as well,

The gel is......... I dont even know. Seriously. Its a yummy orangey smelling gel that has a texture akin to a silicone type face primer. It dries down to an almost powdery feel. It smells amazing though but I guess I have not used it enough to notice if it brightens like it says it does. I also dont understand what it IS. Its supposed to be put on the skin and then followed by a day or night cream. Its a powerful vitamin C enriched..... gel. But I put serums on my face before creams. Is this another type of serum? Is it used WITH the serum, or instead of? What is the difference from this to a serum? I simply don't understand why they would add this AND a serum in the box. But it sure smells nice. It does have silicone it and I would expect this to be a great makeup primer to be honest. Might be worth a try that way!

This hair serum comes in a pump like the face serum. It retails for $21.99. It also has silicone in it meaning I can not use it. I did however ask my mom to try it out for me. She tried it once, said she noticed no difference and could not be bothered to try it again. I cant say anything about it myself though. I just haven't tried it and thus cant say anything about it.

Now this eye gel has a retail value of $29.99 and is yours to keep free regardless of if you keep the box or if you send it back in the postage paid packaging. This is a clear gel that goes on a bit sticky at first, but it will dissipate if you leave it on your eyes for a bit of time. I have not really tried this enough to give a strong opinion of it one way or the other yet, and will update you when I do. But I have very sensitive skin and try to not use more than one new product at a time.

So overall, its an interesting concept, great way to try before you buy some products IF (and I stress IF) you are diligent in trying them as soon as you get them. Because you will be charged $79.99 plus tax if you do not return the items in 7 days.


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