Thursday, February 19, 2015

Julep February Unboxing

I know that the maven selection window for March opens tomorrow, but yup. I just got my February box yesterday. And sadly, its the smallest box Julep sends out, meaning before even opening it I was fairly certain I was not one who got the 5 extra Heartleigh polishes to share with friends. No way they would fit inside this box!

Now if you read the fine print, its 2 uses per person everyone!

My three polishes (I got the It Girl) from left to right: Becky, Carla and Colton.

And here is Heartleigh:

A lot of people who got this thought that they got a faulty bottle. They felt that there were not as many hearts in it as other people got. There are not a ton of hearts in the bottles as you can see.

And when you naturally take the brush out, more often than not you do not get a heart on it.

But you can fish them out:

And here are the swatches over two of the polishes I got this month

As you can see, here it is with the hearts and with out the hearts.


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