Friday, February 13, 2015

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Celebration Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette Swatched & Reviewed!

I wanted to love this palette so much! I really truly did. The first one got very mixed reviews with as many people hating it as people loving it, but with the bloggers and youtubers I trust most NOT loving it was winning out. I had to try it for myself and had it on my list forever. And then this Holiday version came out and my mom and I each ordered one immediately.

Now I normally hate double ended brushes as you cant stand them up in your brush cups to store. It comes in a plastic tube though so I will leave it in the tube and hope that protects it enough.

The double ended brush it came with is fine. The shader side was not quite as great as I would have hoped, some of the hairs are a little askew and it doesnt pick up product as much as I would like.

The liner brush however is dense and firm and perfect!

And now the gorgeous holographic palette.

If only the shadows performed well.

Now this it he left side of the palette, and then the right. But when I swatch them below, I swatch the top row first, followed by the bottom row.

Top row swatches:

Bottom Row Swatched:

Now the nitty gritty. Pigmentation is very so so. Pigmentation is great on the finger but on the skin when you transfer it is kinda lousy, though with a sticky base you can make the pigmentation work. But they fade. They fade and they fade fast. ALSO........ worst of all even though when you swatch it in your finger they are gorgeous and pigmented they blend and rub out to nothing. They simply disappear. The transforming radiance shade is gorgeous and fantastic but it tends to just sheer out and muddy the other shades.

Now these are also called matte luxe shadows but sold as a matte palette. They are more a satin shadow. Not a true matte. Makes them much easier to use.

Because all these issues that I had with it were how the non limited edition one was described, I would highly recommend a major major pass on this.


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