Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Battle Of The Contour Kits. What Do You Do?

So right now, the battle of the contour kits is going on and its getting brutal. Everyone and their mother has come out with a kit and each one promises easy step by step instructions and fabulous results. The biggest problem though is that the set that is perfect for one person is not going to be for another. Its like trying to choose the best blush out there. Just because a ton of people love it, doesn't mean its the best one for your skin. So hear I sit. Paralyzed in the decision. Which one do I get? I honestly DONT know. I did just get this one as its cream and matte:

But which POWDER one do I get to try? I think the smashbox one will be too dark for me. And there is a too faced one, but since that includes BRONZERS (which are NOT contour powders at all) I have left that off the list all together. I freaking love everything Marc Jacobs has put out so far, so maybe that one? But the Kat Von D and Anastasia ones are also getting rave reviews!! HELP!! I will get one, POSSIBLY two but that is all. So please leave all your comments and feedback here with your recommendations and why. And keep in mind I am glow in the dark white! 

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  1. Check out the homemade one from the blogger of the year from Allure magazine last year. and her iiiD custom foundation palette. I can't do Creme stuff but damn it looks so cool!



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