Thursday, February 12, 2015

ColourPop Eyeshadows Swatched!

With the exception of La La, all of these were part of the Queen For A Day boxed set. Four are singles and then I have a duo.

The four singles clockwise from the top left are Girly, Smash, Sequin and then La La.

The first thing to discuss with these is the texture. I have never ever ever ever felt any shadows quite like these. They are a powder shadow, but not a powder. They are so soft and pigmented they feel like a cream. But they are not a cream. They are spongey and soft and not a cream, but not a powder. Not a gel shadow, they are so unique you just have to feel them to understand.

Girly - a cream shade with a golden sheen. Almost a golden pink duochrome look within it. This one is insanely shimmery but not glittery.

Smash - a warm sandy golden brown with a pearly finish.

La La - is said to be a true rose gold. Its not.  Its a coppery brown with a hint of a pinky pearl sheen to it and a metallic finish.

Sequin is the darker coppery version of La La. Its basically the colour of a new shiny copper penny (if they still made new pennies) with specks of silver in it. Another metallic finish.

Swatched from left to right - Girly, Smash, La La and Sequin (one very light finger swatch).

Shameless/Bae Duo – Shameless is a black loaded with flecks of green gold and blue glitter that when swatched looks like a glitter packed grey. Bae is an eggplant shade full of green blue turquoise and tea with a metallic finish. 

And here are all of them!


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