Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kneipp Herbal Bath Balancing Lavender Review

The directions say to use at least half the bottle. Since our bathtub is a very large over sized bathtub I used the entire bottle.

This is a royal blue liquid that has an overwhelming (in a good way) scent of lavender. It caused the water to bubble when running but almost immediately dissipated.

Now this bottle was 20ml and I think the entire bottle was the perfect amount for my bathtub. Meaning a full sized bottle (100ml) should give me 5 baths at a price of about $20. I did fully enjoy this but not quite sure I would want to spend $4 a bath on this vs a dollar or so worth of shower gel. That being said, while I can not honestly picture myself buying this in the future, I would love to get it as a gift or use it if given this.

This product can be purchased either on Feel Unique's website or


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