Monday, February 23, 2015

Courreges Collection for Estee Lauder Spring 2015

Cosmonauts, satellites, missiles to the moon. Unprecedented advancement and achievement underwrote the inaugural period of intergalactic exploration that came to be known as the Space Age of the early-1960s. When a culture of futurism subsequently consumed the era, there were two names firmly in the vanguard: Estée Lauder and André Courrèges. She, a beauty industry innovator whose “every woman can be beautiful” mantra was ahead of its time; he, a fashion force whose avant-garde aesthetic broke all the style rules by injecting an air of playfulness, movement, and egalitarianism into every one of his haute couture collections. Visionaries both, their brands have now joined together to pioneer a new interpretation of color. Introducing Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection: a limited edition collection of zero-gravity shades that draws on a shared point of view on color, beauty and the resolution to never stop moving forward.

Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection is a 13-piece limited edition line that marries the floating-on-air feeling of an embellished Courrèges mini dress, and the punched-up precision of Estée Lauder’s progressive product design, seen through the Courrèges lens. The formulations were designed to be surprising in their lightness, in their sensorial delivery, their translucency, reflectivity, and in their pop-y palette. They are an invitation to have fun with color, texture and special effects while defying the confines of nostalgia by creating a look that is wholly of today.

Included in this collection is:
  • Lip Visor in See-Through and Coral Mini
  • Super Gloss in Rosy Future
  • Super Lashes 
  • Eye Amplifier in Aqua Silver and Black Silver
  • Eye Glide Pencil in Silver Streak
  • Iridescent Ball Highlighter
  • Lip + Cheek Ball in Ultra Pink
  • Ultra White EyeLiner in Lunar White
  • Illuminations Face Powder 
  • Hair Mascara 
  • Kabuki Brush



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