Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Collection For OPI Spring 2015

Now I have expressed before my non excitement about all these collections being made based off of the 50 Shades of Grey books. The number one response is that without reading the books I should not be uneasy with or unimpressed with supporting the franchise. For me, books that are almost universally described as horribly written are books I feel I can skip. Add to that the subject manner and I feel 100% secure that I am missing nothing reading these. 

Now I know The Journal of Women's Health did a study to analyze the link between the books and and health risks and I feel just as comfortable saying that their conclusions that women are more likely to have sex with multiple partners, binge drink, suffer eating disorders and have a lover who verbally abuses them if they read the book is ridiculous. I find that even if I were to believe the numbers (which I dont) that they dont even start to deal with or address which would be the cause of the other. But regardless, its not about thinking the books are a danger or any high horse moral reasoning. I simply feel no urge to support a book that features an emotionally abusive man preying upon an insecure young woman and calling it a relationship. I have no interest in BDSM but I don't judge those who enjoy it. I do respect their right as consenting adults to do whatever the heck they want. And those of my friends who do enjoy it were all outraged and the abuse in the book that is disguised as and dressed up and called BDSM. I simply feel no need to support such a book. Its not that I am a prude, I simply feel no need to force myself to get through a horribly written book that dresses up abuse in any way.

And the only reason I bothered to type all this up is I am still getting people asking me why I am not excited about all these collaborations with the franchise.

But anyways, on to the pretty polishes that are starting to pop up everywhere! 

  • My Silk Tie – This silky, gleaming silver has got me all tied up
  • Romantically Involved – I’m in a deep relationship with this luscious crème red
  • Dark Side of the Mood – This brooding, stormy charcoal is dangerously gorgeous
  • Shine for Me – This shimmering silver with subtle blue sparkle really turns me on
  • Cement the Deal – I’d sign anything to get my hands on this stony, cool gray
  • Embrace the Gray – Let this chic, moody gray crème become one with you


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