Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Gift From My Brother & Dior Bikini - In Action!!!

So I turned 31 years young a couple weeks ago and my brother who lives across the country from me sent me an AMAZINGLY thoughtful birthday gift. I got this message from him the week before my birthday:

I know that your birthday isn't today. It's Saturday. Cinco de Mayo and all. But I wanted to let you know that there's a gift card waiting for you at the front desk of Riverstone Spa at the Inn at the Forks. I have purchased for you the following:
"Relax in the luxury of our exclusive spa pedicure room equipped with heated massage chairs and whirlpool foot basins. Includes cuticle therapy, nail care, and a nail colour of your choice".
I'm telling you this today because I thought you might want to go and take advantage of this before your birthday or this weekend sometime. I hope you enjoy it.

I have to say I was totally stunned. And its NOT something I would ever do on my own. I am totally a do-it-yourself kinda girl. The thought of pampering myself does not cross my mind, and a 60.00 pedicure?!! Honestly it just would not cross my mind to ever even consider! Now do to a bit of a mix up with the spa, I ended up getting upgraded to the $100 pedicure which 
"Inspired by ancient Polynesian rituals, this pedicure creates a healing, hydrating and refreshing effect with Tiara flower and avocado oil. Your experience takes place in our exclusive spa pedicure room, beginning with an exfoliation leaving your feet soft and smooth. Meticulous work will be done on your nails and cuticles, followed by a soothing leg wrap, Hot Stone leg and foot massage, plus a gentle hand and arm massage. Finally, you’ll receive your choice of nail colour and rhinestone to match."
So in honour of this completely and totally out of the ordinary experience (for me at least!) I thought I would do something else I NEVER EVER do and post pictures of me wearing a polish. I really hate showing pics of me, but I love the colour so much I am making an exception. I did bring my own polish (Dior Bikini) and skipped the rhinestone. This is 5 days in to the pedicure!


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