Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beast And Beauty Easter Swap!

I previously showed you all the wonderful Valentines Day gift I got as part of the The Beast & Beauty Valentine’s Beauty Blog Swap. My wonderful blogger FINALLY received her package from me (THREE MONTHS AFTER I SHIPPED IT!!) and you can see her reveal here. Anyways,  the lovely blogger behind Beast & Beauty's blog tried to start up an Easter swap and it didn't really work out. So we decided to swap packages ourselves! I feel awful it has taken so long to reveal it (I got it 2 weeks ago!) but didn't want to open it until I had time to properly enjoy it and take joy in opening it and of course photograph it for all of you guys! I opened it on Friday and WOW!! You can read her blog here!

I thought I would let Mystique herself introduce each item she sent me and why, and have thus photographed the lovely letter she included with the package!!

I actually bought one of these a few months back that was gorgeous. It was a neutral bordering on pink colour with gorgeous black lace pattern on it. I was in LOVE for the first three hours and then 2 of the nails just FELL off. So I am really excited to try these again (they were SUPER EASY to apply) and see if the first set was just maybe a dud!

A MASSIVE thank you to Mystique! I love everything (well, ok.... the lips kinda scare me.... LOL) and some of these are things I would not have ever chosen on my own (and would have missed out on!) and others are things I totally WOULD have purchased for myself had they been available here!!!


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