Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do You Expect A Warranty On Your Polishes? How Long Must They Last For You?

A friend of mine posted a very interesting question on her facebook today. Paulina (thegoreprincess whose blog you can see here) posts a very thought provoking question and she gave me permission to ask my readers their opinions on this. What do you think?

"I found an interesting discussion today...

Indies are pretty, but they also cost a pretty penny in comparison to large drugstore and salon brands which can be found for almost always under retail (if you know where to look).

To what degree should indie nail brands guarantee their products?

Lots of people report curling glitters, melting glitters, sinking glitters and pigments. Should these be the responsibility of the indie brand? What about a month after purchase? Would you be upset if your polish wasn't the polish you bought a few days after you bought it? A few weeks? A few months? Should the indie brand be held responsible?

And lastly, how long are these brands testing their pigments and glitters to ensure best wear/non-sinkage/non-curling/etc. before selling it?


Please note that I am in no way bashing on indie brands, because I love them, but this brought up the question of do you REALLY know what you're buying when you buy indie to me."

It does make you wonder. A big theme that came through the answers she got were that big companies have issues too. Such as glitter settling and polish staining nails. I just want to pre-empt that part of the debate and say I do not consider those to be flaws with a polish. Polishes WILL separate over time and glitter WILL  fall to the bottom of a bottle with the weight of it. Thats just the way physics works. Shake the bottle and all is well. 

So what do you think? Do you buy indie polishes expecting a warranty? How long is long enough before you are ok with a polish turning? 

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  1. This is indeed an interesting topic. I've wondered about this too, as I've bought more and more indies. I bought one in particular which is VERY popular, and was also very difficult to obtain, and when I got it, it looked nothing like the bottle shots or the swatches on the listing. Soon after, a few bloggers had swatched the polish and reported similar issues as I had; little to no green glitter, bleeding black glitter and generally the overall color was way off from what it was shown on the shop. :(

    I just chalk it up to "live and learn," but that was not cheap polish. I've grown to be more careful about buying indies, but that poses another problem, as when you wait even a short amount of time, the shop sells out and it could be a very long time until the polish is available again, if ever.



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