Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thakoon for NARS Nail Polish - Swatches

Fashion and beauty have always gone hand in hand. Now, those hands have the nail polish to match. Introducing the Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection, the brand’s first collaboration with a fashion designer in the nail category. Already frequent collaborators at New York Fashion Week, founder and creative director Francois Nars has partnered with Thakoon Panichgul to develop a limited edition, six-shade nail collection.

In conceptualizing the shade range, Thakoon was inspired by the vibrant colors found in Indian spice markets. The highly saturated, high-shine shades come in an opaque finish, perfect for spring. Formula is long-wearing, chip-resistant and toluene-, formaldehyde- and DBP-free.  Since his first collection in 2004, the Thailand-born, Nebraska-raised designer’s clothes have graced chic, modern women around the globe, including Jessica Alba, Marion Cotillard, Rachel Bilson, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Anardana - Azalea pink
Ratin Jot - Orchid purple
Amchoor - Bright yellow
Kutki - Powder blue
Koliary - Cyan blue
Lal Mirchi - Mandarin red (exclusive to 413 Bleecker Street Boutique)

There were four in this collection that I really wanted. Amchoor, Kutki, Koliary and Lal Mirchi. Now I know I probably wont ever get my hands on Lal Mirchi as its an exclusive to the Bleecker Street Store and was not yet there when I was in NYC. But I did just manage to get the other three! I know it sounds odd my saying that I don't want the purple but trust me. Its NOT purple. It is PINK! If you want to call it purple, it leans so pink, all I see is the pink.

I have to say. I LOVE NARS nail polish colours. I DON'T love the formula. That being said I have always loved the colours enough to put up with what I believe to be an inconsistent formula. Some are ok, some are far too thin. Some are streaky. So I had little hope for LOVING this formula. I LOVE THIS FORMULA! All three of these were gorgeous, almost opaque in one coat

These colours are GORGEOUS! All of these swatches are one coat (I was in a rush this morning and put the darker blue colour - Koliary on in only one coat) though I would suggest two coats. All in all, I really cant say anything bad about these colours. I love EVERTHING about them!

I bought these for 21.00 each at Sephora! They are not yet out in our Sephora stores but they are in the drawers underneath. You can just ask a sales associate if you they are not out. My wonderful SA called me when they came in as she knew I would want them!


  1. I'm not sure if the NARS website ships to Canada, but you can get Lal Mirchi on the website as well as the Bleecker Street store!

  2. Why do you spend so much on expensive polishes but shop at thrift stores? I love the irony!

    1. I believe in spending money on quality. I also have spent 300 plus on a purse more than once, and spent 1200.00 on a satin ball gown skirt (TRUST ME, worth EVERY PENNY!!). Its not that I am cheap, but I have a set budget and if I can spend less in certain areas, it gives me more to play with in other areas if that makes any sense? I think everyone picks and chooses where there money goes. I just HATE disposable clothing. And if I can spend 5.00 instead of 300.00 on a great blazer, thats more money to spend in other areas of my life!

      For me its all about quality. Not that some cheaper brands (clothing AND makeup) are bad, but in general I think luxury and higher end brands do have better quality, whether it be fit, cut or depth of quality.

      Hope that makes sense!



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