Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Purses

I know I am SO very far behind on my posting. And I am still only halfway through my New York trip and have shown you none of the beauty products and only half the thrift. And yet, here we go with a more current post of some of my recent purses.

I've never been a fan of Coach bags. Part of it is I am not a big fan of logo purses of any sorts. LV, Gucci, Coach, Dooney & Burke, and others like them don't do it for me. I also am not a fan of nylon bags. Nylon Prada bags seem so popular and show up now and then at thrift stores. I think they look cheap. I KNOW that Prada is not cheap. I know many people like them. I never have. As obsessed with cartoon monkeys as I am (Paul Frank monkeys as an example) I have never gotten on board with Kipling bags. Le Sport Sac bags are cute, but not me. They just aren't my cup of tea.

So this feels REALLY bizarre showing you my newest bag finds and knowing one is a printed Nylon bag and another is a Coach bag! I guess you never know what will get your attention!

So this bag I could use some help with! I have NO IDEA anything about it. It is a Nicole Miller (NOT Nicole for Nicole Miller) and I LOVE the pattern on it. I love the size, shape and feel of the bag. And the strap seems to be real leather. It at least FEELS like real leather. The pattern is really funky, not at ALL me, but I love it! And for 4.99 and 10% off it was great to get a bag that was completely unlike anything I already have.

This bag I am not sure WHAT I was thinking when I found it. Brand new with a dustbag might have clouded my judgement as its NOT me and I am unlikely to use it. It is a brand new David Jones bag. Nothing exciting, not real leather, and for a $90 bag, I think I overpaid at 4.99 and 10% off. I guess we all have our moments of stupidity.

I do like the lining however!

Now this is the Matt & Nat Rev bag in linen and apple green. It is one of my favorite summer bags. I have had it for 3 years or so and paid 89.99 at winners for it at the time. Its retail was 285 I think. I still love it 3 years later and still wear it so I guess it was worth the cost.

Which is probably why I love this bag I happened to find at Salvation Army!

Not only from the very same collection, but also the same colour palette. I almost left it behind for that reason. I really have no need for two of the EXACT same colour bag but I really do think its super cute, a completely different shape and size, and I just couldn't leave it behind!

Now this bag, the minute I felt it I KNEW it had to come home with me. Its such an amazing AMAZING leather! And when I opened it up, imagine my surprise when I find out its a Coach Bag!

So I would like to present you all with my first ever Coach bag, the Chelsea Leather Field bag! Two tone brown leathers and no Coach label on the outside for ANYONE to see! Just a tiny gromet with the name typed on it but so small the lettering is not visible unless your face is directly in on it!

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  1. I really like the coach bag, although that's probably because it's plain leather with a few nice details and a pretty lining. :)



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