Friday, May 25, 2012

Ciate Caviar Manicures - And How To Do It For Under Four Dollars!!!

So I posted my results with the Caviar Manicures yesterday. Today I went back and picked up the multi coloured also! 

And here is an up close look at a set. It comes with a base polish, the micro beads, a funnel, plastic tray and instruction booklet.

Then I went to Michaels Craft Store and picked up these micro beads. They were 6.99 each but with a 50% off coupon they were 3.50!

So I grabbed my Dior Nirvana (you can use any colour polish of any brand that you want).

First do one coat. When it dries, do another coat.

While the second coat is wet, shake on the beads.

Shake off the access and pat down lightly to kind of push the beads into the nail.

And look at that! 3.50 for ten times the beads, and the EXACT SAME result, yet with oh so many more colour options.

P.S. DO NOT USE A TOP COAT!!!!!!! I saw that on the Ciate instructions they say to not use a base coat or if so to only use it on the tips. I thought that that was weird. Why would they not want to sell you MORE PRODUCT? Its because it melts the beads. Well, doesn't melt them, but makes them weird and they just do not look as nice with a top coat on. 


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