Monday, May 21, 2012

GOSH Special Edition 005 Forest Floor Swatches

Just look how cute the lid is! I actually like this touch. I HATE when the packaging is in different bottles for limited editions as I am anal retentive about my nail polish stash and need all the bottles to match up perfectly. I will go so far as to NOT buy a polish if it will completely throw off the collection. So when its just the artwork being different it makes me happy!

Now if these look familiar to you, I posted about the new fall collection for 2011 last year (here). At the time I KNEW I needed Attitude as well as this one. I have now walked away from buying Attitude three times so I am hoping that means I am resisting! So far this seems like it might be the only one from the collection that makes it into my stash. I certainly HOPE that means I am getting will power and restraint!
And whats with the YEAR it took for us to get these polishes here? HUH??!

This is a great cream! It is perfectly smooth and that just so right formula that makes application a breeze. Its a great forest green that leans just a tad on the blue/teal side which really did it for me. As you have probably noticed I do not have a lot of green in my stash but this one is just perfect! It also dries REALLY glossy. This is one coat with NO top coat.



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