Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catherine Arley Holographic Nail Polish Swatches - And A Pink I Love And Will Wear!!!

For those of you who love holographic colours, but find most too pale and unsaturated colour wise - here is the solution - Catherine Arley Polishes. AMAZING!! Bright deep colour saturated and CHEAP!!! (A-England level awesomeness - really!!)

Let me start by saying how AMAZING these are! A friend sent me a care package from Bulgaria awhile back and in it were these 5 beauties (along with a non holographic polish by this brand I will show you at a later date). Seriously people. These are not pastels. These are BRIGHT saturated colour. And the pink is SOOOO deep and gorgeous (yes, I just called a pink gorgeous!!!) and almost red it may even be my favourite. Apparently pigs are flying, hell has frozen over and the fat lady is singing. BECAUSE I LOVE THIS PINK!!!!

676 - pretty,  yet the standard silver holographic polish. I would put this at the bottom of your shopping list as there are so many more vibrant and unique colours!!

The mystery polish. The label is missing and I have searched the internet high and low and can not find a teal-green holo by the brand anywhere! It also has a black lid instead of a white one. Not sure what that means!! But stunning!

673 - deep dark eggplant purple holo. STUNNING!

666 - A pinky purple colour. My least favourite of the bunch. Too pinky. Not that I am complaining AT ALL! My mom will LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and I might even try it on my toes sometime this summer!!

677 - The pink that is so amazing it turned ME into a believer. Seriously. Its almost red its so bright and vibrant and it just glows. It is the most amazing holographic colour I have ever seen. I seriously love it more than the eggplant!! (Yes, I am considering seeking medical advice. I MUST be losing it!!)

Now forgive all the shots, but one shot wasn't  enough. These were taken inside on a cloudy rainy day. So imagine them in the sunlight!!

These can be purchased here and the best part? They are under 2.00 each!!!!

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