Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why I Do Not Get Julep Mystery Boxes Anymore

So while filling my first melmer I got into organization mode! And with about fifteen more Julep colours ordered and en route, I am pretty confidant in saying I will not be opting to purchase any more mystery boxes. What else could I ever hope to get in a mystery box?

Starting with alphabetical order. 

Alicia, Amy, Anne, Annette, Ashley, Boris & Nicole, Brooke, Brooklyn, Catherine And Charlotte

Alfre, Chloe, Christina, Demi, Dendrie, Diane, Elizabeth, Emilie, Emmanuelle And  Gayle

Glenn, Gloria, Gwen, Hayden, Heather, Helena, Jamie, Jennifer, Jessica And Jodie

Keira, Kelly, Kim, Kylie, Leah, Leighton, Lucy, Maggie, Marissa And Maya

Megan, Melissa, Merryl, Michelle, Natasha, Neesa, Nicole, Oscar And Rachel

Salma, Shania, Sienna, Susie, Taylor, Toni, Trina, Vanessa, Whitney And Zoe

I have January and Viola as well but have no idea where they are. That is odd. I still have not found my Dior Forget Me Not either. I wonder where all my missing polishes are hiding??

And all together:

Top row - Taylor, Elizabeth, Michelle, Marissa, Jamie, Amy, Jessica, Megan, Leah, Emilie, Diane, Susie, Melissa, Vanessa, Shania, Annette, Dendrie, Merryl, Leighton and Kim
Middle Row - Maggie, Alfre, Brooke, Kylie, Charlotte, Anne, Gayle, Chloe, Helena, Trina, Keira, Lucy, Gwen, Brooklyn, Nicole, Demi, Catherine, Salma, Glenn and Christina
Bottom Row - Neesa, Oscar, Sienna, Heather, Toni, Whitney, Jennifer, Kelly, Maya, Emanuelle, Hayden, Alicia, Ashley, Gloria, Zoe, Rachel, Boris & Nicole, Jodie and Natasha


  1. Wow! I thought I had a lot but my Julep collection is probably only 3/4 the size of yours. I'm impressed!

    I also stopped getting mystery boxes because I was drowning in dupes :)

  2. holy moly that is a LOT of Julep. What do you think of the polish quality-wise? I find it to chip pretty easily which makes it a bit of a turn off. I have only tried Alyson and Hayden so far though.

    1. I dont have any issues with chipping. I use julep nail therapy base coat and either cult nails wicked top coat or dior fast dry top coat. I do however find the frosty colours by julep (alfre and maya as examples) are just completely unwearable streaky messes. only issues i have with them!

  3. Omg, so huge! :) Amazing colors!



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