Monday, May 28, 2012

Julep Maven Penny Boxes - Exactly What You Get & Swatches!

So it seems that every blogger and her sister (and mother, cousin and aunt) has a code for you to get your first Julep Maven box for a penny. But what exactly do you get??  What do the colours really look like? And is it a scam? What are the hidden costs?

Well, first and foremost it is NOT a scam. You can in theory cancel after your first month and owe no more and get nothing more. I do not necessarily recommend that. But its totally doable! All you do to sign up is go to this website here and click on Julep Maven. You take the style quiz and that will determine which "profile" you are. You are not now nor are you ever locked in to any style. Every month you can choose the box that suits you best. Or yes, you can pause, cancel or gift your box.

Now that being said, if you choose to not cancel the box, you remain a maven. Even if you skip your box every month. Why is that worthwhile? Well, to start with every so often they throw an extra gift or amazing SOMETHING that might make you want to get the box. Also, if you remain a maven you always get free shipping on the site! Pretty great deal especially when they have promotions and such!

Now, once you are ready to check out use the promotion code PENNY to take your 19.99 box and make it a penny. Choose maven free shipping and its a penny!

IT GIRL - Jessica, Brooke & Mandy

AMERICAN BEAUTY - The Best Pedi Crème Ever!, Eva & Renee

BOHO GLAM - The Best Pedi Crème Ever!, Annette & Jodie

BOMBSHELL - The Best Pedi Crème Ever!, Oscar & Natasha

CLASSIC WITH A TWIST - The Best Pedi Crème Ever!, Susie & Niecy


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