Friday, May 11, 2012

Nailtini - A Cocktail For The Nails

So I know I am WAY behind on my posts, so much so I have no idea how or if or when I will ever catch up. So instead of finishing the thrift shop tour of NYC I thought I would take a break from that to show you some of the new nail polish I got! One brand you can not find in Canada (though you CAN order off their website) is Nailtini. When I first heard of the brand and the concept I fell head over heels in love right then and there. Since then I have managed to get about 8-10 of their polishes (13.00US for a full shot, 7.00 for a mini shot) and have been thrilled with them.

Nailtini has mixers, toppers and straight up colours to mix and match to make a cocktail perfect for YOU!

"These bold, glossy lacquers are chic and striking worn on their own, or opt to use them as shade-altering base colors underneath other polishes to transform your colour". They come in Cream, Espresso and Simple Syrup. I have never had any of these before and chose to get Cream and Espresso seeing as Simple Syrup is just the normal base coat. I was quite disappointed to realize when I got home this is basically a cream black and cream white.

Expresso - Wear alone or as a base to to deepen and intensify medium-to-dark shades.
Cream - Wear alone, for French tips, or to lighten and brighten light-to-medium shades.

"Think of this as the all-premium well menu, featuring glossy, glide-on nail lacquers in pure unadulterated color. Wear them "straight" or in any combination to create the nail cocktail of your choosing." I already had pink poodle, grappa and port. So to add to these I got Tahiti Breeze, Caviar Cocktail, Amaretto Fizz, Champaign, and Silver Slipper.

Caviar Cocktail, - Shimmering gunmetal gray
Amaretto Fizz - Warm brown with plum shimmer
Champaign - Glistening icy beige
Silver Slipper - Slinky liquid platinum
Tahiti Breeze - Shimmering turquoise

"Float one of these special-effect top coats over your nail cocktail to make it truly your own". These special effect toppers have been around long before the special effects trend came about. I already had blue flame (which I LOVE), Spritzer and Sugar Rim. I picked up Vodka, On The Rocks and Gold Haze this time around.

Vodka - Clear High Gloss
Gold Haze - Shimmering Gold Pearl
On The Rocks - Chunky Silver Glitter

All of these are Expresso. From left to right, topped with Gold Haze, On The Rocks, Vodka, and by itself. 

Next up is Espresso in action. From left to right is one coat Espresso topped with one coat of Tahiti Breeze, then one coat of Tahiti Breeze by itself, then one coat of Espresso topped with one coat of Amaretto Fizz, and lastly one coat of Amaretto Fizz.

Next up is Cream in action. First by itself, then followed by one coat topped with one coat of Silver Slipper then one coat of Silver Slipper by itself. 

Lastly is one coat each of Silver Slipper, Champagne and then Caviar Cocktail. 

These can be purchased online Tini Beauty's website and retail for 13.00 each. Or for New Yorkers or other Americans you can pick them up at any Duane Reede Look Boutique. Mine came from the Park Avenue South/23rd Street location. 


  1. The concept behind these polishes does sound fun! About a week ago, I noticed that a local Winners store had some Nailtini polishes for sale. I hadn't seen them before, so I've been meaning to look up some swatches and reviews. Thank you for these!

    1. I bought 4 of those sets! I wish there was even one though that I didn't have and wanted in those sets! 9.99 for FOUR instead of 13.00 for one! But I bought em as gifts! I'd say go back and pick a bunch up! I have about 16 colours now. Really like them!

  2. those are really nice glad you had a good time in nyc:)

  3. I saw the sets at Winners last week and was tempted to pick a set up, but the colours all seemed similar to colours I already have in other brands so I passed. I might have to go back and pick up a set just because...



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