Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A England Elaine & Tristam

Confession - I am having a love affair. I LOVE LOVE LOVE A-England. It started innocently enough. I tweeted my simple question "What brand of nail polish will have the best chance of lasting a week?" I was heading out of town, I needed ONE manicure that would LAST!! I have about 2 days if I am lucky before I destroy my manicure. Sad but true. I am to manicures what a sumo wrestler is to a buffet table. Really! The overwhelming response was A England. And lets just say they were all right! And thus started my love affair. 

Elaine is a gorgeous eggplant purple crème. LOVE!!

Tristam is a royal blue holographic bottle of awesomeness.

One coat each! STUNNING!!! And they LAST!!


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