Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tuff Scent 4 Ever And Soak Up The Sun Swatches & Review

After posting my excitement about the new Tuff Scent polishes, Tuff Scent contacted me and asked me how I would feel about reviewing one of them. I was thrilled and told them I would love to! They sent me 4Ever and Soak Up The Sun. When I opened up the packages I was in LOVE with both colours. And couldn't wait to try them out! 

4 Ever is a the most glittery, awesome.... glitter bomb of royal blue, turquoise and aqua. The bottle is just gorgeous. Of all the Tuff Scent polishes I own and have tried, this one had the least strong scent. It really didn't linger long and by the next day was completely gone. Usually I can still smell them if I sniff my nails for a day or two. This however is not at all a bad thing since I do not really care for floral scents! So for me that was a win.

Soak Up The Sun is more of a rose gold than the pictures show it. It certainly leans orange, but is more rose gold than anything. It smells like coconut and like I am used to, this one has a scent that lingers a good few days after application!

Now I really wish I could tell you  that these both applied like a dream and were a great formula. I unfortnately am not able to do so. Soak Up The Sun (SUTS from here on out) was fantastic. Application was smooth and even, and it was almost opaque in one coat. 4 Ever was a pain in the you know what. The below picture is after one coat. I tried my best to get it as even as possible but the glitter seems to heavy and the base seems to watery in this one. The glitter just falls off. It was really really hard to get this coat even THIS even.

As you can see, SOTS is basically opaque now. Look at the difference however between the two! Both are one coat.

This below is after two coats. SOTS is opaque and gorgeous. 4Ever is still patchy and a mess.

And here it is after THREE coats. Still patchy and no where near opaque. I wouldn't mind so much and just write it off as a layering polish only except its not even. And the polish kind of rolls off the base of the nail and pools if you dont hold your nails perfectly still. In these swatch pictures you can see it kind of pooling at the bottom of the nail. On my real nail it kind of pools on either side. Basically rolls off.

 And here it is after 4 coats (only 4 for SUTS).

All in all I LOVED the gorgeous colours of both of them, but 4Ever was just too much of a pain for me to recommend. The formula just did not work well. And I really really wanted to love this one the most! SUTS was PERFECT in every way and smells heavenly!

I will give the pretty blue glitter another try on top of a complimentary base (or bright green!) and hope it works better, but it is certainly NOT a stand alone colour!

Tuff Scents can be purchased on their website and are $10 US each.

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  1. Can't wait to try these - the glitters looks great and sound like they smell great too!



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