Monday, May 14, 2012

NARS Trouville Polish For Summer 2012 Swatches

Have you ever picked up a colour in a store only to bring it home and realize it looks COMPLETELY different in natural lighting? Now before you all tell me how stupid I am because EVERY single blog out there has described this as a PINK, when I saw it in Sephora I totally thought it was a coral. It really really leaned more to the peachy than to the pink in their lighting. Then, I got home, took it out of the package and went "WTF?! Why did I buy a PINK??"

I decided to swatch it and HOPE it was a little more peachy and a little less pinky but nope. Really bubble gum pink. BAH!!! The formula however was nice and smooth, and opaque basically after the first coat.




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