Saturday, May 12, 2012

Smashbox: Life is Your Set!

I am not quite sure how I forgot about this set! This was one of the annual holiday sets that Smashbox puts out every holiday season. I have never tried Smashbox before but this set was found at Winners for 16.99. I am not a BIG eye liner girl and honestly thought that since getting the Urban Decay 24/7 gift set that contained 12 or 15 FULL SIZED pencils of my FAVORITE formula I would never need any more pencils! And truthfully, I guess I didn't NEED these. But I had a Winners gift card and couldn't pass them up! 

The set includes 5 eye liners in Emerald, Gold, Espresso, Black and Sapphire. The colours are quite diverse and gives you a bit of everything. They are still around at some Winners and TJ Maxx around here so I would go take a look!

Now these were extremely soft and creamy. Almost more creamy than the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. That being said, I did experience some drag with the Sapphire. And the colours were not QUITE as bright once swatched as they look as pencil lead.

All in all, I really really liked these. They are not quite holy grail material but were nice. The best thing about these and at the same time the most frustrating thing about these is they do NOT rub off. Like, not at all. It seriously took A LOT of eye make up remover (DIOR or Make Up Forever, I can not recall which I used but these are the only two that I do so it was one of the two). I have never had eye liners stay on THAT well or THAT long ever before. I do think both the colour pay off and the application was slightly better on the Urban Decay ones, but for 16.99 I would say this is a great set!


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