Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Storage Solutions - Storage Options & My First Melmer

So for those of you not familiar with the term melmer, I will explain. Ikea has a piece of furniture named the Helmer. I am not sure who first got it and thought "this would be perfect for my nail polish stash!" but someone did. It spread like dandelions through the polish world and fast became the bloggers number one choice in nail polish storage. Its metal and it has always felt a little........ flimsy is not the right word but just didnt feel right every time I looked at them (which of course meant on trips to Calgary, New York, New Jersey and the like as IKEA does not have a store in my city. YET. One is being built). Maybe its just the aluminium that puts me off.

Someone later got the brilliant idea to use the scrapbooking storage solution from Michaels. I went numerous times to look at this but they were and are ALWAYS sold out here. So I gave up on that option.

The next option I fell in love with was this solution from IKEA. I planned on biding my time until IKEA finally opened (and a few extra months until the NEW factor died down and IKEA was less zoo-ish). Its called the Alex and it seemed almost perfect.  I say almost because if you see the drawers are not all uniform and the smaller drawers are just a little too small for many brands and the larger drawers are just too big for many brands. So while not perfect for me, the aesthetic was certainly me. I also liked that it come sin two different size options.

Anyways, I came home from seeing a movie with a girlfriend last night (a really really BAD movie) and guess what was lying on my bed! A MELMER!!!! Now for those of you debating or looking at this option let me start by saying its NOT CALLED A MELMER!! I had to laugh out loud when I heard that when my parents when to the craft store to buy it they asked for a melmer. It was nicknamed a melmer online for its the Michaels version of the hELMER.

So after failing to convince my father that it was a "daddys job" to put together, I set off to build it myself. There was no way I was waiting even a day to put it together.

There are a LOT of parts that fit in that little box! EEK!!

I am sad to say that an hour later this was all I had done. But I eventually got it finished (think it took an hour and a half) but I am confidant that the next one should take me 20-30 minutes to build! And yes, I think I need 2 more. Though I FOR SURE need one more!

So now that it was built it went to its new home on my dresser. I just took the mirrored tray with my perfumes on it and put it on the unit and I was all ready to go!

The bottom drawer has all my Julep, Nars, Dior and Chanel polishes. Not much room to grow unfortunately.

The middle drawer has all my Le Metier De Beaute nail polishes, Yves Saint Laurent and Deborah Lippmann polishes and box sets from those three brands. I can add one LMDB and 5 Lippmanns and then that drawer is full too. EEK! Oh! And my one and only RGB polish is in there too!

And the top drawer has my koh, MAC, Cult Nails, Nfu-Oh, Illamasqua, Butter London and Tuff Scents polishes.

This is perfect in aesthetic for me, functional, and it can grow with my always growing polish stash. Sadly, this is what does not fit in the unit.

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  1. Nice collection, I thought I had a lot of nail polishes,my boyfriend is always saying you have too many polishes, so I told him to come look at your collection to show him they are girls who actually have more than me,so he looked at yours and said that is what you want yours to look like one day right and I said right,love the storage idea so I am going to have to look into those



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