Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lost In a Sea of Spring.....

So I feel the need to come clean. I HATE SPRING!!! I dont care that its warming up, or that winter is coming to a close. Winter is holidays, skiing and snowmen! I love it! I dont even care that we get -45 in the winter (in  Celsius or Fahrenheit - they are the same at that point!). I hate the feeling of being hot and sweaty, I burn horribly and I am not a girl who wants to wear a bikini. BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!!!

Spring brings wet and dirty weather here, and mucky, muddy snow is NOT pleasant. Also, I hate pink, and dont wear pastel colours. Makes most beauty offerings for spring collections less exciting. Take the following for example:

Clarins Spring 2012 Campaign

Armani Spring 2012 Collection

Lancome Spring 2012 Collection
Just look at the collections. Blue eyes, a sea of pink and green - NOT FOR ME! I HATE pink, and just dont like pastels and or greens/blues on my face!

Not that I don't hate all spring collections. I LOVE a good peach lip or nail, and I love the light, barely there looks that tend to be part of spring collections! I'm a total nude eyeshadow, light blush, and peach or nude lipstick kinda gal! I love the following:

Bobbi Brown for Spring 2012

Tarina Tarantino for Spring 2012
So I dont HATE spring...... I just don't look forward to it! Nor does my frizzy curly Jew-fro, as my friends and I have always referred to it, I hope no one takes offence. In my private Jewish day school we all had the same dirty blonde frizzy curly mop of hair! I love the look of less and light makeup, but the colours just don't do it for me!

Am I the only one? Are you guys spring fanatics?

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  1. Oh boy, more pink makeup. Because there isn't any of that out there. (I agree with you 100%!)



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