Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine’s Beauty Blog Swap

I have something VERY exciting to share with you all today!! The Beast & Beauty is doing a big world wide  Valentine’s Beauty Blog Swap!! Instead of merely paraphrasing and missing points, I have simply cut and paste her blog entry here!! 

The Beast & Beauty  Valentine’s Beauty Blog Swap 

Ok, so I know you have heard me banging on about the fact that beauty products are so expensive here in Australia compared to the prices paid in places like America, and I know there are a lot of bloggers from outside of Australia desperate to get their hands on some of the amazing products we have here in Australia. So I have found the perfect solution.

This is like Secret Santa and KK rolled into one but better, much much better!
Here’s how it works…

1.You must be a beauty blogger or a blogger who fairly regularly blogs about beauty to take part.

2. Sign Up by Sunday 5th February. I will not be taking any more entries after that.

3. In the comments below state your blog URL, Twitter handle and be sure to provide an email address.

4. I will match you up with someone across the globe, email you their details and then the fun begins.

5. Put together a package of beauty products you love and you think your Secret Valentine will love (Each blogger should aim to spent approx AUD $50 on the package, postage is extra)

6. Reveal yourself and a little bit about you by placing a note/postcard inside the package (Everyone loves to thank someone specific at the end)

7. Check your email on Monday February 6th 2012 (In order to allow the swaps to go smoothly I will be sending out an email with the details of your Beauty Valentine to allow you almost two weeks buy and to post out your item.)

8. Items need to be posted by or on February 17th.

9. When you receive your item be sure to write a Thankyou post featuring your new haul, Copy and past the image above into your post and link it back to this post and the The Beast & Beauty Valentine’s Beauty Swap.

Ok, so what are you waiting for? A great way to make new friends globally, send some love and receive a nice Valentine’s surprise!

If you want to participate and be allocated a Beauty Blogger Secret Valentine sign up in the comments below with your name, a link to your blog, an email or twitter account I can contact you on and your country of residence.


Also, I am hoping for a even balance of people from Australia and overseas in order to match appropriately. If this is not the case, For Aussie bloggers it will be first in best dressed.

I am thrilled to have the chance to take part, and I must say from my experiences thus far with the organizer (the Beast & Beauty blogger) that she is wonderful! She is very approachable and responds quickly to emails. And she has changed the dates to give more time to shop for your match and really personalize the box!!

The best part, or at least in my opinion, one of the best parts is that its most likely that you will end up with someone from a completely different country than you are in! So a great chance to try new products!!! I posted the link above and will post it here too! 


  1. I am stalking my match now as I just got her!! And oh my gosh! I have NO IDEA what to get! Too many options! I need to find out what is NOT available in australia!



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