Friday, January 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Collection

I am not a Sally Hansen girl. But when I saw this collection I did squeal a little. But it has never come to Canada that I know of, and if it has, it has certainly NOT come to the city I live in. But I was very very lucky to receive a  wonderful gift in the mail that consists of the ENTIRE COLLECTION! Yahoo! (Yes, I just said yahoo. Get over it!)

Before I start describing the colours let me start with a warning. I am describing all of these as being in a clear base with a main fine micro glitter and a larger glitter in them. It took me about an hour to decide it was a clear base with INSANE glitter and not a glitter base with just larger glitter in it. I am  now second guessing myself. Either way, these are GLITTER BOMBS if ever there were any! Please let me know which you think it is!

Now before starting with the pictures of the POLISH, look at this brush? A fantastic wide paddle like brush that looks quite like the dior one!! It is a nice weight and density and I really enjoyed working with it!!

Sally Hansen GEM crush Showgirl Chic is a clear base it seems with fine silver glitter and with large bright blue glitter

Sally Hansen GEM crush Cha-Ching! is a clear base with bright orange leaning red fine and micro glitter and large silver glitter.

Sally Hansen GEM crush Big Money is a clear base with fine gold glitter and large purple glitter

Sally Hansen GEM crush Bling-tastic is an aquamarine glitter and large sliver hex glitter in a clear base

Sally Hansen GEM crush Be-Jeweled is a fine purple glitter (or clear base with insane fine glitter??) and larger light pink glitter.

Sally Hansen GEM crush Razzle Dazzler is a light pink glitter with larger silver glitter.

Sally Hansen GEM crush Lady Luck is a magenta fine glitter (leans more red/purple than it does pink) with larger holographic glitter!

Sally Hansen GEM crush Glitz Gal is a gunmetal grey fine glitter with larger holographic glitter. It seems to be the same glitter as in the magenta one above!

Now on to the swatches! All are with two coats of polish, and for such insane glitters, I am really impressed with the coverage of the polish with the two coats!!

And all of them together!!

And in the same package from the lovely lady I got:

Now I have received A LOT of Pure Ice colours recently so they will be swatched all together coming up! I have NO IDEA why they don't sell the brand over here in Canada, and its quite frustrating that they dont!

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  1. wow, the crush gem collection ist just awesome!! i'm totaly into purple and blue polish, so this collection just made my heart beat a bit faster!! :) unfortunately, i live in central europe, so i can only dream about having those beauties in my collection.. hope you enjoy wearing them! :)



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