Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great Deals Still Equal a FAIL!!

I have gone out shopping twice recently looking for some formal dresses for some functions I have coming up. I own NOTHING that fits me. When I say I own NOTHING, I dont mean, I have a few things I dislike, I truly mean I dont own a single dress that fits me properly (minus my boxing day score). I found a great blazer to go over the dress so it will make the perfect outfit for one of the functions. I still need at least 4 more dresses! So I went out shopping last week. I found two GREAT items. Both Tahari.

Tahari Avery silk blouse!! 158.00 for 16.00!!!! And this Tahari cardigan 178.00 for 25.00!!

So 2 great work pieces (sorry for the crappy blackberry pictures), but an epic fail in the dress department! Then, today I went shopping again! I got this AMAZING Soia and Kyo jacket for FIFTY FOUR FREAKING DOLLARS!!!!! Again, terrible blackberry pictures, but here is a stock picture of it in grey (though mine is a gorgeous wine colour)

see watermark for souce of image!

Then after hitting two malls and finding NOTHING, I went to a local goodwill store where I found a beautiful 3 piece suit (skirt, pant, blazer) for 9.99 and 60% off. I left the pants there for them to resell since I knew I would never wear them. 4.00 for a 350.00 Conrad C suit! I also scored a 150.00 Club Monaco Wool cardigan for 3.50 and another sweater for 3.50 and 60% off making it 1.40. So I have some great high quality work pieces, but an EPIC fail in terms of dress shopping!

I hope you don't mind my posting my thrift store and other insane clothing finds here! I am obsessed with polish, but I am also an avid thrift and discount shopper. And cheap does NOT have to equal low quality or no name clothing either!


  1. Oh man congrats on those finds! That jacket is particularly gorgeous! I love finding awesome deals on clothes/accessories almost as much as on polish. Bought a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses last week for $5 and almost died of shock.

    1. OMG! thats an AMAZING score! I truly love thrift stores though. I would much rather get a high quality used item than a cheap item brand new! And winners/tj maxx/marshalls (all the same company and store)is also a GREAT place to score some epic deals!

      Now I just need to get me some dresses!

  2. WOW you really scored! I love Winners and thrift stores; my best score there was vintage ysl heels for $8! Good luck with your dress hunt :)



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