Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jessica Hologram Chic - Disco Diva & Retro Revival

For anyone who missed out on Gosh Holographic, here is a just as holo (if not more from what I hear) option!

Imagine pushing nail colour boundaries and taking your look to a whole new dimension. What better way to show off your unique and mesmerizing style than to dress up your nails in truly dazzling colour? 

JESSICA’S Limited Edition Hologram Chic Duo allows you to go beyond colour reality and exudes pure nail opulence – trust us you won’t believe your eyes! This simple two-step process takes your nails beyond reality by boasting three dimensional colour. 

You won’t be shy strutting your stuff with “Retro Revival” base coat and “Disco Diva” Hologram Colour. A dynamic duo of colour brilliance that will have on-lookers in awe!

Retro-Revival (Hologram Base Coat)
Disco Diva (Hologram Silver)

Price: $24.00


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