Monday, January 9, 2012

RGB Camel Swatches & Comparisons

I was very excited to receive my first RGB polish. I already previewed the red on my blog, but that was a friends, not mine (the first polish I've swatched that doesn't belong to me!) So I am very excited to show you RGB Camel. A great classic colour that will put a bit of a twist on the nude nail!

Now when I got this, I was pretty sure it was very similar to a Dior colour I had from the Mitzah Collection. Low and behold, its ALSO called Camel!

Just like the Dior version this is a pale tan colour that has no trace of green (as many camel and tan colours lean green). If anything it leans a little on the gold side, much less so than Dior's take on the colour. If you are familiar with Dior Camel, it is about a shade lighter and a tad more neutral in colouring. Whereas the Dior leans gold, this one barely does so, making it less warm of a colour. Both however are gorgeous!!


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