Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Polishes Currently On My Mind....

BEWARE!!!!! Major polish porn is about to come your way! Avert your eyes if like me, you really can't afford any MORE polish lemmings!!

So it seems that every day now more home/hand made polishes are coming on to the market. Seems like just like anyone who wants can start up a blog, so too can anyone start up a brand. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with that! The minute my camera battery charges again you are going to see a post of a new Girly Bits polish from Pam! And OMG!!! But anyways...... Yes. Back on track. There a few new lines of hand made polishes that have really caught my eye recently. I have ZERO experience with any of these brands, so please don't ask me about personal experience or colour preferences. I have none. Also, please note all pictures are taken directly from the store stock photos!

Dollish Polish (Found HERE)

Lacquistry (Found HERE)

Hey Cowboy Nail Polish
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep Nail 

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep Nail 
Elixir Lacquers (Found HERE)

With A K

Kind Of Connery 
Now these are just a couple of offerings from each brand. But all are interesting and may at some point need to find a home in my stash! What about you? Have you heard of any of these brands? Have you tried any? What brands or polishes are peaking YOUR interest these days?


  1. Wow, I've never heard of any of these! They are all so gorgeous... I am especially loving Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger!

    Mostly I'm just waiting until February for Girly Bits new polish to be available <3

  2. I purchased Dollish's Toxic Avenger and received it this past week. It is gorgeous! I think it could be compared to the Ozotic mish mash polishes as it is both duochrome and holographic -- with a more purple/green tone than the Ozotic blue. I always intend to write about polish and would really like to swatch this one. It could be the next polish blog cult hit.

  3. Oh I'm lemming Toxic Avenger and Expecto Patronum and Scarab so badly but I can't justify placing an order yet since I just got the NerdLacquer mini colour library. WHY WALLET, WHY?

  4. 4 from Dollish Polish are on their way to me! Etsy sellers are my new favorite!

  5. I ordered some from lacquistry a month ago. The polishes are super glittery (tepes is gorgeous)!

  6. I am currently wearing Pam's cosmic ocean and it rocks! I love all her stuff-she's my fave indie so far. I did order a dollish expecto pandorum which looks pretty cool but I don't have it yet

  7. I have been wanting Dollish Polish We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat! I think the name goes well with the colors- the blue with red glitter, how creative. Plus I had never knew anyone who used this Franken brand, but sadly she isn't selling it right now. Awesome blog! You have a great collection!



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