Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Julep Oranges

I remember trying to decide between ordering Julep Natasha and Julep Christina. The descriptions, Natasha : Intense orange and Christina: Shimmery, deep orange--not as red as it might appear on your screen really did little to help me decide. And since you all know me well, you know that my solution was BOTH! They are totally and drastically different and I thought I would show you all the oranges on the website to give you a better idea. Since Jodie leans so coppery I added that one as well, though clearly not an orange. Alicia is an orange toned pink to me, NOT a pinky orange. I with they would have kept it in the pink section of the website. I would never then have ordered it!!


  1. Thank you for the gorgeous swatch of Hayden! How close would you say it is to Chanel's June?

  2. i live in canada and the spring colours are not here yet. i can swatch it next to miami peach and orange fixx for you if you want. I had a friend swatch june for me and its compaired to other chanel oranges on this blog. http://polishjinx.blogspot.com/2011/12/chanel-april-may-june-swatches-and.html

    but from what i gather from all the june swatches, hayden is a much brigher, lighter shade, where the june one is darker and has a kind of "faded" look to it



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